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What is Hapkido?
Hapkido is a Korean Martial Art. It is considered a,"soft" style and all of the movements are circular. It is derived from Daito-Ryu Aiki Jitsu which is also the root Martial Art for Judo, Aikido and Jiu Jitsu. It combines the techniques of Daito-Ryu with the kicking techniques of Korean Tae Kyun. 

About our Head Instructor
Our Head Instructor David Barney Jr. has trained in Martial arts for over 14 years.  He began training under Grandmaster Chuck Blackburn and his student Master Travis Ginn. He studied with them for 1 year of Tang Soo Do.   When the opportunity came for him to travel and train in Korea, he couldn't leave soon enough. Upon arriving in South Korea, he began training in Hapkido with Master Yoon Il Bong.  After training in Hapkido for 1 year, David decided that he wanted to become a Hapkido Instructor and open his own school. A year later he became certified to teach under Master Yoon. He taught Hapkido to Koreans and foreigners of all ages and abilities for over 4 years. He studied Korean Tae Kyun and trained with a professional MMA team (Team MAD) for a year as well. Finally he returned back to Florida after being abroad for over six and a half years.  Wasting no time, he went right to work with all he needed to do to open his own Hapkido school.  Now he invites you to be a part of it and join him at The Modern School of Martial Arts.   David is a Fourth Degree Black Belt with the International Hapkido Federation.
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