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The International Hapkido Federation
The International Hapkido Federation was created by Myung Jae Nam.   When Myung Jae Nam created the International Hapkido Federation, he had some important objectives. One of his main goals was to return to the roots of Hapkido. He trained with a Japanese Daito-Ryu Aiki Jitsu master to create our style known as Hankido. He believed it was better to learn a small number of techniques and master them, than  to learn many skills and only know them a little. He also created Hankumdo which uses the characters of Korean writing to model sword techniques.  Today, there are IHF schools in over 50 countries around the World.
​We offer adult classes, children's classes and even combined classes to let families train together. Private classes and semi-private classes can always be arranged and designed to suit your specific needs. Our classes are designed to build fitness through practice of our skills.  The main focus is our self defense techniques and kicking. Our self defense employs the use of wrist control, joint manipulation, and submissions. We also practice hand strikes, boxing, and falling techniques. 
What do we offer to you?
Class Schedules
        Our classes for all belt levels below black are on Monday
 and Wednesday at 5:45-6:45

The cost for classes is $60 a month and it is due by the last day of the month.

Private and semi-private classes can be scheduled to fit your needs.

Once you join, your rate will NEVER change. 
The only testing fee will be for you to purchase the new belt($10) if you change colors.  Black belt testing will require additional payment.

The purchase of a uniform is not required until after the first month, but students are welcome to purchase one at any time before then. Uniforms are $45.

We are located at 3046 Del Prado Blvd. just South of Cornwallis on the West side of  the street. We currently share space with the Florida Yoga Academy in unit 2B.  Feel free to call for more specific information.